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Discover what made the future: Bollinger All-electric Truck

  • Bollinger Motors
  • Bollinger Motors
  • Bollinger Motors

The automotive future is undoubtedly electric with the likes of Tesla, Porsche and Jaguar lining up a range of eye-popping models that promise speed and efficiency. But Bollinger Motors aren’t trying to compete at that level – they’re simply proving that there’s room for some grit in the typically clean electric vehicle space.

We could focus on the Bollinger’s all-wheel drive, hydro-pneumatic suspension, in-wheel portal gear hubs and 120 kWh battery pack that delivers 614 HP with 668 ft-lb of Torque. But what had us at ‘hello’ was their patented pass-through door for transporting long items…

It’s tough, quick & clever.

Credit: Bollinger Motors

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