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Discover what made the future: Kicking Gas

“Do you want the tax credit or do you want the street credit.” – a phrase from a recent collaboration between Veloz and the baddest US mayor in history, Arnold Schwarzenegger. You have to watch this ad.

Not many people fell for the act but it still created some comedic gold. Arnold, who is actually a big supporter of electric, poses as a car salesman that is obsessed with burning gas. In his act he cites a few reasons for staying away from electric such as curbing overpopulation and impressing your neighbours. The potential customers didn’t buy it however and were set on their decision to go electric, even though Arnold might not have been the most convincing salesman. Veloz are going statewide with the ad to promote adoption of electric vehicles (EV).

There are a number of EVs on the market but they still make up less than 2% of new car sales. Some blame poor business potential with the battery engines being far more expensive to build and others blame a lack in advertising – Chev, Ford, Toyota and Nissan spend 10 fold on gas-powered car advertising. To add to the woes federal tax credits are also potentially being phased out.

Hopefully, Veloz will inspire further creativity in the EV advertising market.


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