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Discover what made the future: Land Rover

Conceived in 1947, Land Rover broke the mould as the go-anywhere, multipurpose vehicle ‘for the farmer, the countryman and general industrial use’.

The automotive icon was given its name when Spencer Wilks, MD of The Rover Company at the time, drove his Rover 10 over the rough terrain of his estate in Islay more than 60 years ago.

Land Rover Series I was launched by the Rover Company on 30 April 1948. It was built from Birmabright, an aluminium/magnesium alloy left over from wartime aircraft production, as steel was tightly rationed.

HUE 166 is the original Land Rover and is still running today. Known affectionately as Huey, the go-anywhere, four-wheel drive vehicle featured an innovative transfer gearbox with two ranges, High and Low. Paint was in short supply after WWII, so ex-RAF Ascot cockpit green was the only colour available.

From 1975-1981 The Land Rover Series III survived a tough economic climate and evolved from a primarily military vehicle to one bought by private owners.

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