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Discover what made the future: Bialetti Moka Express

Claimed to be ‘the only industrial object that has remained unchanged since its first appearance in 1933’ the Bialetti Moka Express serves as a stellar example of timeless, functional design.

The stove-top coffee maker was designed by Alfonso Bialetti, grandfather of the famous designer and manufacturer Alberto Alessi. He specifically chose to work with aluminium because it retains and transmits heat well, and because its porosity allows it to absorb the flavour of the coffee – intensifying the flavour with each subsequent brew.

Whilst current consumers are making the switch to the convenience of capsule-based machines, placing ‘signifiant doubts on business continuity’, an impressive 200-million Moka Express coffee makers have been sold since 1933 and are reputed to be in over 70% of all Italian households alone.

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