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Discover what made the future: BoringPhone

In a time when everybody is finding new ways to claim what is left of your attention or time, BoringPhone wants less of it.

BoringPhone’s founders opted for a minimalist approach by using a standard handset sporting a customised Android OS to provide the altered functionality they were looking for. This curated Android OS does away with the browser, Play Store, email (it will be okay) and the ever-present social media applications we use to entertain ourselves or to just ‘kill time’.

While crusading for less clutter the creators of BoringPhone have acknowledged that we have become reliant on some technological advances. OsmAnd will make sure you can still navigate effectively and AntennaPod lets you listen to your favourite podcasts – something you will certainly use with all your newfound free-time. Calling and texting will of course be available as well as a camera, radio, music player and more.

There is a big push to free our lives from a distraction that was at first packaged to us as necessary and convenient. Hyper-connectivity is unlikely to slow down but more and more people are drawn to less. BoringPhone was invented by childhood friends, Alex Davidson and Jasper Mackenzie, to bridge the gap between “dumb phone” and smartphone by making something genuinely useful but not loaded with features.

The minimalist approach is experiencing a resurgence and BoringPhone is a great example of how design and technology can come together to achieve something new and refreshing.

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