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Discover what made the future: Graphene

Graphene is considered to be the strongest conductive material. There is still a lot more research and testing to be conducted but right now its all the rage, and is already in use with some of our devices.

Graphene is an allotrope. This means that while being in the same physical state it can take different forms. In proportion to thickness it is far stronger than steel but to get to 1mm thickness you need to stack 3 million of these layers on top of one another.

In the field of conductivity graphene is a complete game-changer. It is far more conductive than the materials currently used for both heat and electric currents – think batteries, cellphones etc. The magic is that if spread correctly it is extremely effective at also dissipating these effects.

Graphene is poised to drastically improve the effectiveness of the already effective LED lighting. The surface area to volume ratio is off the charts making powerful thermal films for phones and supercharging the already named super-capacitors allowing them to store more and charge quicker.

Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov ‘rediscovered’, and importantly, characterised Graphene which ed to their Nobel prize in Physics award in 2010.

If your plastic cling wrap in the kitchen (we know you still use it!) were made from graphene it would take two-tons of pressure propelling a tiny toothpick forward to breakthrough.

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