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Discover what made the future: IBM Project Debater

Fondly known as ’Miss Debater’, the IBM AI is the first version of AI that can effectively debate human beings on complex topics.

Project Debater has been running since 2012 and is the next big achievement in IBM’s scope following the success of Deep Blue 23 years ago. ‘Miss Debater’ hones her debate prowess by digesting large texts and formulating pro and con debates to the topic at hand.

The three important components that magically come together are delivery (the ability to compile an entire comprehensible speech), listening (the ability to understand spontaneous speech) and to model human concern to deliver an argument that is actually meaningful to humans.

Fear not naysayers. ’Miss Debate’ is not going to be our AI overlord anytime soon as the AI still requires active participation from humans in the debate topics to compile the most appealing debate. The real world application of this is further reaching than winning debates, however. With the amount of information in the world increasing at an exponential rate we need faster processing systems to help us understand all this data being thrown at us and turn it into something meaningful.

Credit: IBM Project Debater

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