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Discover what made the future: Light Phone 2

  • “Light” - Joe Hollier & Kaiwei Tang
  • “Light” - Joe Hollier & Kaiwei Tang
  • “Light” - Joe Hollier & Kaiwei Tang

As phones get increasingly larger, filled with a growing abundance of unwanted features, we find the new Light Phone 2 (now in prototype stage) both inspiring and refreshing. In the words of it’s makers Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang,  “…the Light Phone 2 is a simple, 4G LTE phone with a beautiful black & white matte E-ink display”.  By allowing you to leave behind your smartphone, it encourages you to spend quality time doing the things you love the most, free of distraction. They call this ‘going light’.

The Light Phone 2 brings a few essential tools, like messaging and an alarm clock, so easy to ditch your smartphone more often, or for good.  It’s a phone that actually respects you.

We’re all in…

Credit: Light Phone 2

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