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Discover what made the future: Muji

Muji is a Japanese retailer that set the mould for no-brand/no-logo quality goods and actually began life as a product of the supermarket chain The Sieyu Ltd.

Mujirushi Ryōhin (Muji) translates to ‘No brand quality goods’’ and in 1983 managed to go out on their own. They were able to keep ahead by optimising their manufacturing process, carefully selecting materials and minimising packaging. They are strong advocates for recycling and find their inspiration from the Japanese word ‘Kanketsu’, which is the concept of simplicity.

In the design process, they are slow to use technology and insist that prototype designs are done on paper so that the designers aren’t drawn to adding detail that doesn’t serve a purpose or isn’t crucial to the function of the product. Following this minimalist design style, all of their designs are able to fulfil their commitment to no-frill yet elegantly functional products.

Muji is not only big in Japan but can now be found on the corner of your busiest streets in New York with their stores including cafes, campsite equipment, furniture and even florists.

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