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Discover what made the future: Original iMac

When it was launched in 1998 the iMac went completely against traditional desktop computer convention.

Apple designed an all-in-one computer that took on an egg-like shape behind a traditional CRT monitor. The plastic cases were coloured which made them pop out a lot more than their competitors. Soon after initial release, Apple would also add the thinner CD drive which made the design far more attractive.

At the time of the iMac release, Apple hardware was going through a serious dip with many people opting for Windows-powered machines. The iMac was designed by Jonathan Ive, who has subsequently designed the iPod, iPhone, iPod and MacBook. Steve Jobs recognised the potential of the iMac to catapult Apple back into relevance and he was right. We do however have a certain Ken Segall, working for an ad agency, to thank for convincing Jobs to go with iMac instead of MacMan, Jobs’ initial preference.

The main driver of the iMac was the simple two-step process to set up and connect to the internet. There is a famous ad where a 7-year-old boy and his border collie, Brodie, race against a Stanford University student to starting up their chosen systems – the university student using an HP. By the end of the ad, the student is still busy struggling to get his HP up and running.

Apple are pioneers in the design field and the iMac has progressed from the plastic casing to a sleek aluminium LCD styled case that is just beautiful to look at. Aesthetics aside the iMac is a high-performance machine that is a favourite in the design and photography world.

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