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Discover what made the future: Q20

Mr Robertson is all the information we have about the man who invented the famous fix-any-squeak substance, Q20.

The name was conceptualised by Mr Robertson making the observation that it had 20 answers to 20 questions. Q20 would eventually become the product found in every household, office, workshop or VW Beetle cubby hole.

It was effective at combatting rust, lubricated squeaky hinges, released nuts and bolts that were stuck and saved the VW Beetle from being impossible to drive in the rain. The VW Beetle would become one of the most sold cars in history but was known to fail in rainy weather due to an ineffective distributor cap. Q20 was aimed to prevent water from penetrating the distributor cap which would cause the Beetle to seize.

Q20 worked the way it did because unlike other oils it was heavier than water and would, therefore, displace water on the applied area. 1.5-million cans of Q20 are sold in South Africa alone and it is slowly making its way to other countries around the globe.

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