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Discover what made the future: Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder invented “the Click.” The sound that would come to define his biggest hit, Donna Summer’s 1977 disco smash “I Feel Love,” is now known as a “reference pulse” to contemporary music producers.

Moroder came up with the idea of replicating a kick drum using a Moog electronic synthesizer. The idea to have just a synthesizer to do all the sounds was revolutionary at the time. ”Synthesizers usually have great bass, but there were some sounds that the old Moog didn’t have so we created those sounds: the snare, the high-hat, some of the effects…it was an interesting job, especially at that time” said Moroder to V Magazine.

In his 40+ years as a producer, Moroder has gone on to work with Daft Punk, Sia, and Debbie Harry of Blondie – and the synthesizer has since become one of the main tools of the trade for most pop musicians and producers.

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