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Discover what made the future: The Face Magazine

The Face magazine, first published in 1980, is making a comeback!

Nick Logan, journalist by trade, had been the editor of several publications, namely, New Musical Express and Smash Hits before starting The Face. The magazine initiated a culture shift due to its unique and slightly edgy content.

After a successful stint at Smash Hits Logan wanted to try something new. He conceptualised a new magazine that placed music at the centre with all peripheries contributing content, such as fashion, film, nightlife and social issues. The idea was rejected by his superiors but Logan felt so strongly about it that he pursued it, along with his wife, and some personal savings to kickstart it.

The magazine logo was designed by Steve Bush and Chalkie Davies provided the first editions front cover portrait. The first issue sold 56,000 copies. The magazine reached a plateau after a few editions but Robert Elms, a young journalist involved in the New Romantic scene, gave them a push.

Logan recruited art director in 1982, young designer Neville Brody – now well known in the design world, which positioned The Face in a visual class of their own. Brody was influenced by 20th-century art and Constructivism (how we learn). This drew on elements from Britart and from the music scene, grunge, jungle and Britpop. The Face is known for launching Kate Moss’s supermodel career. In 1990 the team was awarded the Marcus Morris Award for magazine innovation.

The magazine went through a steady decline though and in 1999 the magazine was sold. It passed through a few hands before closing in 2004 due to low readership.

Wasted Talent Media, on direction from Jerry Perkins, purchased The Face and announced the relaunch in 2017. In 2011 The Face was added to the Design Museum of London’s permanent collection and much like the posthumous success of artists the magazine was exhibited many times after closing down.

The Face was launched again in early 2019 online and then recently as a magazine in September.

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