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What to do with One Charge in the all-electric Jaguar I‑PACE

Over 2,000 stories have been submitted…

From beach to bush, up & down mountain passes and around race tracks. Shared road trips with special friends, and trips to special occasions…

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What is Power?
with Sizakele Marutlulle

Leader, Enabler, Mentor

Sizakele Marutlulle is a recognised business leader focused on solving commercial problems creatively in ways that uplift South African culture. Whilst known for a range of high-profile business achievements, it is Sizakele's strong focus on developing young black women that redefines the concept of what true power can bring. She takes us through her working day in a Jaguar I-PACE, providing a rare glimpse into what drives a true enabler, leader and cultural investor.

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The Joy of Sound
with Dilip Menon

The most liked story and the next One Charge experience in a Jaguar I‑PACE. Coming Soon!

I have never driven a Jaguar but it is the car that I would own if I weren't on an academics salary! As a family we love travelling and long drives and particularly along scenic routes taking in the ocean and mountains. I am passionate about jazz and the idea of driving a Jaguar along the coast while Miles Davis or Zim Ngqawana play on the car stereo is my idea of heaven. Born in India and having lived in the USA and Europe, South Africa is where I have come to rest with its wildlife, beautiful landscapes and deep friendships. A Jaguar, for me, is about living a full life.

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with Gavin Rooke

Innovator, Automotive Designer, Racer

Gavin's design business upgrades high-performance collectible cars for clients around the globe. He's developed an energy-positive house that serves as a case study of non-traditional building methods and his experience as the CEO of a global tech-driven organisation has placed him in the company of Google, Apple and Facebook. He also competes in the National Sports Car Championship, so when provided with a fully charged Jaguar I‑PACE he doesn't miss the opportunity to put it through its paces on the track.

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Velile Madlingozi

From Pretoria

I would like to take a drive with my wife and two lovely boys (11yrs & 14yrs) who love cars in an amazing way. It will be a priceless moment as a loving and caring husband. Driving with them in this car would melt my kids heart and bring a big smile to my wife. Make my dream come true by surprising them with my favourite brand in vehicles. I can't wait to see myself in that car, my eyes are even getting full of tears as I am typing this message.

Clifford Mabuza

From Nelspruit

I would like to see how this vehicle blends with nature. Imagine game viewing in the Kruger in a silent electric car. I would love to be the first to do such a review.

Howard Thomson

From Krugersdorp

Our house is 99% solar powered. We are looking to build another house, 100% off the grid. Our bicycles are state of the art, battery powered, Specialized Levos. We collect rain water to save the planet. We are absolutely crazy about the idea of an electric SUV… and we can charge it with our solar. I would love to drive from Jhb to the Drakensberg and spend a night or two and drive back.

Steven Hodgkiss

From Johannesburg

I would enjoy the look on my boss's face if I could pick him up in a new I-PACE, with him being the owner of one of the best advanced driving academies in the country and a current jag driver himself. He would be speechless and I think it would be a great way to show my appreciation for his dedication to us, as his team.

Roberto Soares

From Durban

A breakfast run with our car club ,just to show off how Electric cars will be and are the future. Then a demo lap of the Dezzi raceway in Port Shepstone. Just to show the petrol how incredibly capable a electric is.

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